DAZZLER is our first and most technologically advanced portable lighting tower product. It was conceived to bring about a change in the light tower industry by ushering in a set of light towers that promoted automation, high quality light and superior aesthetics.

We love this light tower model and are currently working on further making this a key part of every site, be it infrastructure, military or event management. 

The essence of this lighting tower is best experienced by working with our sales engineers and managers to customise the light tower with its varied options to best suit your requirement. To help one start we have shown below the light tower models with specs that are most requested by our customers: 

Dazzler 9 meter 2 cylinder engine 7.5kW genset  fully electric mast 4 x 1000 watt metal halide lamp model

This is our fully electric light tower that offers 4 nos of 1000W high performance metal halide lamps housed in fully IP65 luminaires. It offers auxiliary power that is available to run tools, welding, additional lighting and lots more (upto 2kW) with all the lights operational. 

Dazzler 9 meter 2 cylinder engine 7.5KW genset semi electric mast 4 x 1000 watt metal halide lamp model

This lighting tower is a semi-electric lighting tower, where the telescoping of the mast and the rotation is manually operated. This has been done especially for far away sites where there could be issues of damage to the tower systems or where there is little need for electric mast operation. The light tower still offers the bright 4000W of our high performance lighting that illuminates large areas with very even lighting.  

Dazzler 3 cylinder engine 10.5KW genset fully electric mast 6 x 1000 watt metal halide lamp model

This is our most advanced and powerful mobile lighting tower. It offers upto 12 meters of extended mast height with 6 nos of our high intensity 1000 watt white metal halide lamps which can light up very large areas. The ingenuity in its design gives the mast extra support even in high winds when fully extended at 12 meters. This wire support as seen in the above picture is self contained and is very easy to setup requiring no additional pins or ground spikes. The 7 stability jacks offer a large ground footprint thereby further increasing the stability of the machine. All of this is possible within a relatively compact frame. 

The autonomous monitoring and operation package offers the customer the ability to remotely control the machine and locate* it worldwide on a mapping software. This also allows us to diagnose the light tower remotely and provide instant support and routine service reports to the customer. 

* Note - This service is available only when subscribed to a data or wireless plan.