What we build, is who we are
— Unknown

We design and engineer high quality equipment and tools that embody our love for aesthetically pleasing products that offer our customers immense pleasure and satisfaction from its use.

Company Overview

Olikara Lighting Towers Pvt. Ltd is a company focused on providing innovative and cutting edge portable power and light solutions. With 30 years of experience in precision machining and high quality fabrication, Olikara Lighting Towers Pvt. Ltd has been consistently working towards designing products that are of premium quality, aesthetically appealing and offer enormous value to our customers.

Headquartered in Pune, India, we produce over 100 of our lighting products a year. We take pride in saying that each lighting tower that we make is designed and manufactured entirely in our manufacturing unit based in Pune. Anything that is not designed or manufactured by us is sourced from world class companies such as Mitsubishi, Kohler, NSM, Motovario and Bonvario to make sure that maximum output is obtained for maximum productivity.

Our business model is based on a framework that is customer centric and technology driven. Our vision is to become the most customer centric company in our industry by developing and implementing intense customer focus in our sales process.

Being an environmentally conscious company we follow all environment compliance norms and also constantly strive to adopt and implement green manufacturing practices to reduce our carbon footprint.

Design Philosophy

Olikara Lighting Towers Pvt. Ltd’s design philosophy is based on continuous improvement by incorporating measurement standards that track machine performance and output. Integrating state of the art technology with readiness in implementing global best practices aids design optimization based on multi disciplinary features.

Our design philosophy rests on bringing technology and engineering closer together to design a product where:

  • Aesthetic design meets strong engineering
  • Product design supports functionality and ease of use
  • Customers get more value from the product
  • Functional man–machine interface
  • Provides ease of retrofitting

We hope you would take the time to experience this design philosophy and feel the difference when you interact with our lighting and power products.