QUBE and QUBEPower are the latest models that we have developed for the light tower market. This light tower was designed with the intent of providing a super compact, lightweight and fuel efficient model that excels at providing the required light in an efficient compact footprint.

As like our other mobile lighting towers we also offer our customers the ability to customise the lighting tower to best suit their individual requirements. 

Qube AC external power 8 meters vertical mast 4 x 1000 watt metal halide model

This version of the QUBE series of light tower does not have a genset and is powered by an external single phase AC power supply. This lighting tower is an ideal companion to our DAZZLER series of light towers as the auxiliary output of the light tower can be used to power this tower, thereby giving more light per liter of diesel used. Also this portable lighting tower would be ideal for events since this offers ultimate safety, convenience of setup and silent operation. Its compact size also allows for a large number of light towers to be transported in a single truck bed. We can also offer this with batteries coupled to a powerful LED light system for autonomous operation.

Qubepower 6 meters 1 cylinder engine 5KW genset output fully manual mast 4 x 400 watt metal halide lamps model

This light tower version is a shorter tower with 400W lamps. However it due to the inverse squared function of light intensity over distance, this lighting tower will offer similar lux values on the ground (albeit covering a smaller area) as the 8 meter tower with 1000W lamps. This lighting tower would be ideal for road work and other applications where mobility and fuel economy is paramount.

PLEASE NOTE: We have phased out the 4x1000W MH version of the Qube Power.

With our goal of moving our products towards a greener and more efficient system, we are now offering the Qube Power with LED lights (only the 400W MH lights will be currently offered upon request) as that offers our customers similar lighting with extraordinary fuel efficiency and a 5 yr warranty on the LED lights. 

We will update this page with the LED options shortly. As always you can contact us to get more details. 

Thank you for your continued support.